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    Yuantel is one of the first factory-installation supporting enterprises in China with the supporting experience of TBOX. Up to now, it has had nearly 10 years of factory-installation supporting experience in TBOX ( 2G-4G) terminals.The scheme layout from high level to low level meets the project needs of car companies based on different costs and different performances

    Product Advantage

    • Superhigh standard

      it adopts car-rules grade materials and carries out high reliability design in accordance with complete factory-installation standard

    • 4G module

      it uses the Open operating system of 4G module for business interaction and makes full use of hardware resources

    • Resource integration

      it integrates LTE, GPS&BEIDOU satellite positioning, acceleration sensing, WiFi, BLE Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB communication, security encryption, CAN communication, independent storage and other modules

    • Remote control

      it has various basic and extended functions such as remote control, vehicle condition inspection, fault reporting, remote diagnosis, OTA, Internet access, offline storage, etc

    • GB certification

      it has the GB 32960.2 certification of new energy

    • High performance-price ratio

      products are designed according to modularization, and can be tailored according to requirements, with good performance-price ratio

    Product Features

    • Support the full Netcom
    • Support OTA
    • Support mass storage
    • Provide API interface
    • Support WiFi hotspots
    • Support CAN
    • Support the horn
    • Support backup batteries
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