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    Yuantel Technology is one of the earliest enterprises in China to be committed to IoV operation and maintenance services. It has provided millions of car owners with intelligent car life services based on safety, entertainment and society, with rich practical experience and successful cases in foothold and application of intelligent connected products such as basic service platform for IoV and development of on-board APP.

    TSP Intelligent Connected Cloud Platform

    Since 2009,Yuantel Technology?has provided TSP platform integration solutions for many domestic car factories including Chang'an and Geely. After 10 years of development and accumulation, Yuantel?TSP intelligent connected platform has developed into a more comprehensive and mature IoV service platforms in China.


    The features of platform: it uses the "Platform + Application + Data + Service" mode independently developed. Relying on the support of high-tech technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud platform, big data and artificial intelligence, it can be flexibly split and independently deployed according to the needs to meet the customized development of car factories.

    OSS Operation Management Platform

    Yuantel?OSS Operation Management Platform provides an end-to-end closed-loop business management system and IT support system covering the customer's entire life cycle to support the future business operation and development of the enterprise.


    Through after-sales service process management, online and offline task scheduling, it improves after-sales work efficiency and customer satisfaction. Perfect IoV operation service, clear business service function according to role division, and simple operation platform for business operations and management.

    Monitoring Service System for New Energy Vehicles

    The two-way safe and reliable communication between the on-board terminal and the background system is realized to ensure data security. The communication protocol can support national and local government standards and meet the docking needs of car factories' national standards.


    Based on vehicle positioning, remote monitoring, driving track, forecasting and early warning, more business services will be supported and horizontal business development will be expanded.


    Mobile terminal, TSP platform, public platform ( GB/Local standards )


    Private protocol, GB or local standard protocol


    Vehicle monitoring platform: global monitoring, data acquisition, position monitoring, vehicle condition monitoring, abnormality monitoring, battery/motor detection

    Call Center

    Established in 2009, the China TSP Call Center has 112 seats ( which can be expanded at any time ), providing customized services for domestic and foreign car users and other group users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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