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    To establish a perfect operation organization structure, and set up an operation project management team consisting of car factory business, dealer business, product research and development, self-media operation, customer service and other departments. The localized operation team can be implemented to communicate in the field anytime and anywhere, and provide users with multi-terminal reaching operation service content

    Operation Service Objectives of Internet of Vehicles

    Car Intelligent Connection: improving the driving experience with user safety as the core, laying the necessary data foundation for the future intelligent driving, and providing the necessary data source for active intelligent services


    Data Application Service: data cloud computing fusion and application based on vehicle information, vehicle location information, driver information, weather conditions, traffic conditions, driving behavior, transport modes, vehicle fault identification and early warning


    Business Service Innovation: providing more diversified services, gradually penetrating the O2O auto after-market, and cross-border cooperation and service innovation are becoming increasingly prominent, such as maintenance, insurance industry risk pricing, etc., providing personalized innovation services

    The Value Proposition of Internet of Vehicles Operation Service

    Convenient vehicle sales channel: establishing a unified sales and distribution platform for new vehicles, and realizing accurate second-hand car valuation service through monitoring data of vehicles


    Fast online maintenance reservation service: undertaking maintenance reservation within the warranty period and docking with the 4S stores to realize the service drainage of the car factory dealer system


    Safer service for car owners: realizing?security protection for user's vehicle location and driving experience with user's safety as the core


    Diversified auto finance and insurance applications:?creating loans for customers to buy cars, insurance consumption, value-added consumption and other services, enabling car factories to achieve value-added service sharing

    Whole Life Cycle Operation Management Mechanism

    Based on user vehicle data, service data and activity data, a unified monitoring platform for service operation, data and services throughout the life cycle is established


    Operating channels: mobile App, WeChat official account, on-board control center, brand website, forum and 400 service hotline


    Integrated operation management:?activity strategy management, content operation management, data application management and resource service management


    Data operation management: user data monitoring, vehicle data monitoring, traffic service monitoring, regional service analysis


    Operation planning management: content strategy, activity planning, media promotion and resource integration

    Application Scenarios of Resource Service Operation

    China TSP has combined more than 60 domestic service partners, working together to create a service resource coverage around the user's transport, providing a one-stop service through various scenes of vehicles combined with service types, so that car owners can enjoy non-sensory payment and accurate service without getting off .

    Operation Service Capability of Internet of Vehicles

    Industry professionals: with professional operation talents in the industry, it can deeply understand the demands of car factories for the development of Internet of Vehicles business, and put forward practical operation plans and implementation plans for Internet of Vehicles business


    Internet of Vehicles operation experience: project operation experience of many car factories, and mature operation system. Combined with car factory's positioning, quickly pushing the foothold of Internet of Vehicles


    Resource integration advantage: negotiating with various resources with the help of the advantages of Yuantel?and car factories, reducing the purchase cost, promoting the introduction of special value-added services, realizing rapid cost recovery and making profits as soon as possible


    Deep integration of management system: deeply integrating with the management system of car factories to help them import and operate the Internet of Vehicles business and forming brand highlights

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