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    Intelligent Car Machine

    Three types of central control OBU, all-in-one machine, IVI and DA, can be selected. Hardware planning covers the full serial platform products of I.MX8, I.MX6, AC8215 and Accordo5 from high level to low level, the layout of software platform is Android, Linux and QNX systems, and products are positioned for various models.

    Software Platform

    covering Android, Linux and QNX systems, and product are positioned for various models

    • Features of Android Platform
      Cool interface

      the interface effect is cool, with high definition and very easy operation

      Strong openness

      openness is strong and many functional expansions can be carried out

      Powerful function

      functions are powerful to run multiple applications at the same time

      Powerful network function

      the network function is powerful with rich on-board App applications

      Excellent development tools

      development tools are excellent, and superior performance is more and more stable

    • Features of Linux Platform
      Hardware support

      extensive hardware support

      Stable kernel

      a mature, efficient and stable kernel

      Open source code

      source code is open, and software licensing method is more simplified

      Rich software

      software is rich, and middleware has many centralized functions

      High security

      the security is high with a mature security enhancement component SELinux

      Open source support

      the worldwide collaborative open source support speeds up the application of new technologies and saves costs

      Foundation assistance

      GENIVI Alliance and Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) of Linux Foundation help keep software and middleware updated

    • Features of QNX Platform
      High security

      qualified ISO 26262 ASIL D, independent microkernel architecture, and process independence

      3s start-up

      within 3s of system start-up, it runs fast

      Low hardware requirements

      low hardware requirements, low single-machine licensing costs, and no additional patent disputes

      Good compatibility

      good compatibility, supporting multiple platforms, multiple network protocol stacks and file systems

      Good maintainability

      support for Android is based on the Runtime process and sub modules can be upgraded independently

    Hardware Platform

    hardware planning covers the full serial platform products of I.MX8, I.MX6, AC8215 and Accordo5 from high level to low level

    • Traditional functions
    • High functional extension
    • Multi-ecological resources
    • Effective security authentication
    • TBOX built-in

    Successful Cases

    • it has developed more than 20 factory-installed intelligent on-board terminals, and adapted the software and hardware products for several main Chang'an models during the development of in Call system from 1.0 to 4.0.

      • CS75-15/16/17/18
      • CS55-16
      • CS15
      • CS35-17
      • CX20
      • V5
      • BenDian
    • Geely Emgrand has a carrying rate of more than 85%, and technological innovation such as mobile phone mapping and dual microphone noise reduction is the first in the industry.

      • EC7
      • EC-15
      • EC-16
      • JiNian
      New energy
      • EV-2016
      • HunHe
    • it has signed TSP strategic cooperation agreement with more independent and joint-stock car factories and provided factory-installed intelligent terminals.

      • AC3
      • X2
      • XingChi
      • X55
      • SX4
      • RuiXing
      • B70
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