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    Yuantel Huichebao - C End User Operation

    Huichebao Smart Car Service Platform is?O2O service platform in the vertical car after-market.


    Intelligent maintenance and inspection:?according to vehicle maintenance items, driving data, residual value of spare parts and environmental weather factors, directly showing users the residual value of maintenance items to solve their doubts about maintenance items

    Strengthening safe driving: by monitoring real-time data of vehicle conditions, providing users with analysis and driving advice on abnormalities and faults, guiding maintenance services, and making users understand vehicles better and use them well

    Improving driving habits:?analyzing the driver's driving habits, identifying driving risks, and giving accurate improvement suggestions based on excellent driving models to help users improve driving habits

    Increasing the fun of driving: establishing a user's driving behavior scoring system to provide users with driving rankings, points, medal walls, etc. so that users can use and drive more interesting


    Comment interactive platform for maintenance service: reassuring, affordable and convenient integrated service of car washing, maintenance, car beauty, and repair

    Yuantel Interconnection App

    Application of Active Intelligent Reminder for Driving


    Yuantel?Interconnection App is a China TSP's App based on comprehensive life service for car owners. It mainly includes palmtop 4S stores, emergency assistants, intelligent maintenance, remote control, intelligent repair and convenient tools, and also provides user driving analysis, market fuel consumption, driving behavior and data analysis reports.

    Companion App

    Take you to enjoy your intelligent driving life


    Companion is a mobile phone application that provides car owners with all-round car life services. It mainly includes service information push, violation inquiry, quick rescue, concierge service, transport guide, stolen tracking, car maintenance consumption record, real-time car condition inquiry, vehicle remote control and other car service applications, bringing you a safer, more convenient and more comfortable driving life and unprecedented cool and intelligent driving experience.


    Companion App has broken through 1.4 million owner users and has become the industry's benchmark

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